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Minister vacancy update


**UPDATED 11/05/2019**

The Nominating Committee (NC) met once again this week with the Presbytery Advisory Committee to listen to the experiences from a Minister & Elder's perspective and of how they had approached, viewed and felt during their time going through the vacancy process. This was a valuable meeting and the NC were very much encouraged with everyone feeling positive and excited. 

St. Margaret’s at present is without a minister, but this does not mean we are standing still. Aided by our Interim Moderator, our Locum and our Worship Team we continue to provide our usual high standard of inclusive, participative and meaningful worship. All other aspects of church life continue with the team structure we have in place within our Kirk Session.

The vacancy process is lengthy but we thought this would be a good time to let everyone know where we are at the moment.

We have been allowed to call a minister on a 5 year reviewable tenure from induction of a new minister. After numerous meetings with the Presbytery Advisors we now have in place our Nominating Committee (9 members of St Margaret’s) whose responsibility it will be to advertise the post, look at any applications, show applicants round the parish, interview and then hear them preach in another church with a view of presenting to the congregation a Sole Nominee to preach one Sunday in St Margaret’s. The members attending that day will then vote whether to accept the proposed Sole Nominee as their next minister.

The Nominating Committee are now pleased to announce that our Minister advert and Parish Profile are now complete and available to view on the relevant page of our website.

Please continue to hold us in your thoughts and prayers. Your support is much appreciated as we continue our Spiritual journey seeking our new minister.

We will keep you updated as and when there is any more news.

In the meantime, please feel free to view:

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