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Restalrig Conservation Area

Part of Restalrig Village became the 50th Conservation area at the end of 2017. We are planning a number of events during 2018 to celebrate the life of the church and village. We hope to have a Restalrig Community event in June and to take part in Doors Open Day in September. Watch this space for dates and other events.

As you know, Restalrig has recently been made a Conservation Area and 2018 is the Year of Young People. We plan to celebrate both events under the umbrella of Discovering Restalrig. We have already planned three major events combining the two themes and we hope that as many of the congregation and community as possible will get involved. Click here for more information.

The events for your diary are;

9th June. Restalrig Community Day : All local organisations will be invited to take a stall in the Sanctuary, showcasing their activities. A cream tea will provided in the Halls.

3rd August. The Friday Club are visiting the Sanctuary,but this will be advertised , as an open event. We’ll show our two films and offer guided tours of the Village, Churchyard, Sanctuary and Chapel.

29and 30th September. Doors Open Day : We’ll take part in this Edinburgh-wide event, running our two films on a loop, offering guided tours of the Village, Churchyard,Sanctuary and Chapel. We also hope to have the Penicuik Vaults Singers singing in the Chapel.