Bereavement service – 28th November 2021

On November 28th we will be holding the Annual Bereavement Service  – remembering members of the congregation who have died in the past 24 months and others significant to us who are as the writer of the Book of Hebrews termed them “the great cloud of witnesses”.  If you would like to remember someone and have their name included in the service – their name read aloud in the hearing of those attending the service and a candle lit in remembrance – please phone the church secretary Anne turner and let her know who it is you wish named, remembered and a candle lit in memory of them.  If you cannot attend in person you can still ask for a person to be remembered by giving their name to Anne Turner.

The Annual Bereavement service on 28th November will take place at 2pm in the afternoon.

If you are intending being present at either the Remembrance Day service or the Annual Bereavement Service please see below how to reserve your seat. The maximum capacity for St. Margaret’s remains at 43 people per service – so early reserving of a seat is recommended.

Please reserve your seat by phoning the Church Office (0131 554 7400) between 10am and 2.30pm, each Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the Sunday service you wish to attend.  If you only know that you will be able to attend later in the week please Email me at the following email address to find out if a seat is available.

Due to the current 1metre restrictions we are working under, (beyond the Minister, Organist and three “on duty” office bearers), only a further 38 worshippers can attend any service of worship. The Maximum Capacity for the church building is 43.      Those wishing to reserve a seat, need to phone every week to make a reservation as it will not be possible to admit anyone who has not made the necessary arrangements.

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